Body By Vi – 90 Day Challenge Testimonials!

by Dawn on September 16, 2013

Body By Vi – 90 Day Challenge! 

Happy Challengers!! 

“Body By Vi is life changing. After 2 spine surgeries I could barely exercise, which was the only way I could keep weight off in the past. In 90 days, I went from a Size 18 to a size 8! I have more energy and I can exercise now, in big part to removing the extra pressure the weight placed on my spine! I have come off of 2 prescription medications and reclaimed control of my health. THANK YOU VISALUS!!! “ ~Dr. Fiona

“As a Health and PE teacher I have always advocated eating a healthy breakfast, however I didn’t practice what I preached because I never had the appetite nor time for it. This would leave me sluggish and drained by lunchtime. One Body By Vi shake in the morning is quick, filling, nutritious, and tastes great! It keeps me satisfied until lunch which also helps with irritability. My students and I both thank you!!! ~Josh

“Thanks to a busy lifestyle and fast food chains my 9 year old was slowly creeping into the “obese” category. He wanted nothing more than pizza and chicken nuggets for every meal. Thanks to the recommendation from his doctor and one Body By Vi shake a day, he is getting the balanced nutrition he needs, is in a normal weight range, and is more willing to try different foods. BBV is not a “diet” in our household, it has just become our way of life.” ~Mom of Jack

“The UPS and DOWNS of my Body By Vi experience after 62 days: DOWN 25 lbs -UP in energy. DOWN 3 dress sizes-UP in self confidence DOWN 1 blood pressure medication-UP in heart healthiness DOWN on my grocery bills- UP in extra cash to spend on smaller clothes! DOWN with negativity-UP in control of my life!” I can handle these ups and downs! ~Christina

I started Body By Vi just looking to lose weight! What I achieved was so much more! I lost 43 pounds, gained confidence, became in control of my finances, and earned a FREE BMW!! I have maintained my weight loss and look forward to starting my next challenge. I’m able enjoy my life and not feel guilty about enjoying a meal as long as I get my shake in that day. The most rewarding part has been helping and inspiring others! They keep me striving to do better! ~Maralana

Thanks to Body By Vi this Mom of 2 is back to my High School weight! The results are truly amazing! I’m so happy I finally decided to something for myself! ~Heather

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